A secure Web and App based, self survey product with training and support.


  • AGB Self Survey is a service that allows both brokers and customers to complete their own survey providing visual details of occupancy at a given premises
  • AGB Self Survey utilises secure Web-enabled technology and App based options in order to allow the broker or customer to complete a simple survey and submit it
  • The system has been developed for scheme and SME underwriters to cost effectively view the occupancy of a site and benchmark it using AGB’s own quality program or submit direct to underwriters
  • There is flexibility for underwriters (and brokers) to choose their own question sets according to the level of detail and the appropriate area of cover required
  • More complex question sets are available to brokers to complete for larger more detailed risks with the support of AGB
Technology has played a significant role in reducing the cost of rebuilding cost review of buildings remotely. AGB have created a solution to look at the internal occupancy of a risk using technology available in remote field situations.
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